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The Castle (Russian: Замок, romanizedZamok) is a 1994 film directed by Aleksei Balabanov. It is the second notable screen version of Kafka’s unfinished novel The Castle. It tells of an individual desperately trying to preserve his identity while struggling against sinister and invisible bureaucrats who rule the village from inside the titular castle. The picture is noted for costumes/sets design in bruegelian style, it won Best Art Direction and Best Costumes at the 1994 Nika Awards.

The story of Kafka’s Castle. It seems to be rather exact in details interpretation of Kafka, with director’s version of the final of the unfinished novel. Beautifully made piece of art. Music is very relevant and overall impression is very vivid irritation by the irregularities of environment and gentleness of the land surveyor. It seems that at the end he is absorbed by the system… but someone else still sees him.

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