Prípad pro zacínajícího kata Poster

This motion picture tells us about the special trip of a very special gentleman named Pan Gulliver who was really surprised finding a rabbit Oscar on the road, wearing the checked shirt with the short trousers. Two minutes later we learn about the Balnebard’s country where the people keep silent one day a week sparing the air, where there is an immortal poet living on the railway-station.This strange surreal world where black is white and white is black is headed by a king who is working now as a doorman in Monte-Carlo. Now there is only one person living in the castle – Prince Milevin – who’s got nothing except excessive consumption of all the castle’s wine-storage.Too many uncertain questions with too few certain answers.

A great cameraman’s and director’s work. They perfectly created the specific space of Balnebards’s terrarium.

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