Flash Gordon - Spaceship to the Unknown
The planet Mongo is on a collision course with Earth! Flash Gordon and Dale Arden join Dr. Zarkov and blast off in his rocket ship to Mongo, trying to avert worldwide destruction. As soon as they land, Flash, Dale and Zarkov are taken prisoner by Ming the Merciless, the evil Emperor of Mongo. In a last ditch effort to save Earth from interplanetary peril, Flash Gordon matches wits with Ming. The outcome is in doubt as it appears Flash and his friends will never see Earth again. Don’t cover your eyes or look away. You won’t want to miss one thrilling moment in the death-defying adventures of everyone’s favorite space hero, Flash Gordon! This is a feature-length edited version of the 1936 serial “Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers.”Flash Gordon - Spaceship to the Unknown (1936) epi 1 - The planet of peril_s

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